About Turner Cycles

Daniel Turner born and raised in Florida where mudding was the main hobby. As a mudding enthusiast, Daniel was extremely competitive and quickly began looking for ways to build better rigs. At an early age Daniel started thinking outside the box and worked on anything he could get his hands on. His interest has grown over the years and finally in 2001 he established Turner Cycles.

The Company

Turner Cycles started as a machine shop for the ATV/UTV world. Turner Cycles started with the capabilities to add horsepower and capabilities to UTV/ATV's that blew away the competition. Over the last decade Turner Cycles has expanded their capabilities into CNC Machining, where they now create intricate parts for a variety of companys. Counted among their clientele now are major oil companies, car companies competitive UTV/ATV teams that require custom parts machined to exact specifications. These companies come to Turner Cycle for the quality craftsman ship and quick turnarond time they require.

Daniel Turner

Daniel Turner has over 25 years in the automotive space rebuilding engines, customizing UTV/ATVs and creating custom drivelines, axles and other parts for a variety of industries. He leads a small team of dedicated craftsmen that work hard everyday to turn out the quality products you require, and EVERY PART IS MADE IN THE USA.